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Between Totem And Taboo

Between Totem and Taboo picks its way through a minefield of prejudice, myth and stereotypes.  It is the first book to explore the literary representation by authors black and white, male and female, of interracial relations between France and her former territories in West Africa through the special nexus of the white woman and the black man.

Hardback    £45.00
9780859896498 | Published: 2001
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An eighteenth-century "bourgeois tragedy", written in an English style. This is an important text, which provides an appreciation of the spirit of the era, and demonstrates the bridging of comic and tragic theatre styles.

Paperback    £16.99
9780859893497 | Published: 1989
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Bewnans Ke / The Life of St Kea

In 2000, a sixteenth-century manuscript containing a copy of a previously unknown play in Middle Cornish was discovered among papers bequeathed to the National Library of Wales. This eagerly awaited edition of the play offers a text with a facing-page translation, and a reproduction of the original text at the foot of the page.



Paperback    £25.00
9780859892940 | Published: 2016
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Hardback    £60.00
9780859898003 | Published: 2007
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PDF    £48.00
9780859898997 | Published: 2015
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Beyond Hatti

This collection of essays honours the life and work of Gary Beckman, Professor of Hittite and Mesopotamian Studies at the University of Michigan. The essays traverse ancient Anatolia, Syria, Mesopotamia and beyond. Beckman’s interest in the reception and adaptation of Syro-Mesopotamian culture by the Hittites in particular inspired this offering.

Hardback    £57.00
9781937040116 | Published: 2013
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Beyond Iconography

This volume presents a spectrum of current research on ancient surface decoration that offers new avenues of exploration and directions of inquiry. The collected essays draw from a wide range of disciplinary frameworks and integrate material analysis, the study of technical characteristics and the interpretation of iconographic programmes.

Paperback    £20.00
9781931909310 | Published: 2015
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A Bible Reader's History of the Ancient World

Introduces readers to the civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Syria-Palestine, Persia and Rome. Readable and engaging. Based on current archaeology and historical research, it shows that scientific archaeology, material culture, and careful reading of primary texts are key to understanding ancient societies. Over 300 col. illus.

Paperback    £33.00
9781944394028 | Published: 2016
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Bibliography of the Works of Peter Martyr Vermigli

This is a bibliography of the Italian Protestant reformer, and presents published major works, minor works, and partial works or extracts.

Hardback    £29.00
9780940474147 | Published: 1991
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The Big Show

The Big Show looks at the role played by cinema in British cultural life during World War One. Hammond shows how the British film industry and British audiences responded to the traumatic effects of the War, and contends that the War’s significant effect was to expedite the cultural acceptance of cinema into the fabric of British social life.

Hardback    £65.00
9780859897587 | Published: 2006
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PDF    £52.00
9780859899000 | Published: 2015
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The Blood-Red Arab Flag

In a scholarly but accessible account founded on contemporary sources, illustrated with testimonies of eye-witnesses and participants, this book sets out to decide the controversial question of whether the Qawasim were in fact pirates after acquiring an enduring reputation as such during the years 1797-1820.

Hardback    £75.00
9780859895095 | Published: 1997
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Book Of Devotions/Libro De Devociones Y Oficios

The first edition of the devotionary composed by Constanza de Castilla. Comprising a variety of prayers and liturgy offices in Spanish and Latin, the book provides evidence of the beliefs, experience, and expression of religious women in Spain of the later Middle Ages.

Paperback    £16.99
9780859894876 | Published: 1998
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