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Hadith, Piety, and Law

This volume brings together sixteen of Melchert’s articles, including those considered his most important as well as ones that are difficult to access. Originally published between 1997 and 2014, they are arranged chronologically under three rubrics - hadith, piety and law. The material is presented in a new format and updated where appropriate.

Paperback    £41.00
9781937040499 | Published: 2015
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Henry Francis Lyte

Henry Francis Lyte was an Anglican minister, hymn-writer and poet. His best-known hymn, Abide With Me, has been sung at FA Cup Finals since 1927 and at Rugby League Challenge Cup Finals since 1929.  It is also said to have been have been on the lips of the British nurse Edith Cavell as she faced the firing squad in 1915.

Hardback    £30.00
9780900771927 | Published: 1974
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Higher Education In The Gulf

This book will be useful to those in the West and in the Middle East with an interest in the contemporary state of the higher educational system in the region and in education in general. It concentrates on the Gulf, but the problems of control, development, curriculum and purpose in higher education are found throughout the Middle East.

Hardback    £55.00
9780859895156 | Published: 1998
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Historical Atlas Of South-West England

This is the first historical atlas of a major region of the United Kingdom. Its aim is to create and communicate the history of the south-western peninsula of England-Cornwall, Devon and the Isles of Scilly - from the beginnings of man's occupation to the present day.

Hardback    £100.00
9780859894340 | Published: 1999
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The History Of Honiton Lace Industry

Honiton lace is one of the world's great laces and this book for the first time tells the full story of the industry that produces it, from its beginnings in the sixteenth century to its demise in the twentieth. Over 100 photographs illustrate the history of design in Honiton lace as well as the technical aspects of manufacture.

Paperback    £25.00
9780859893794 | Published: 1992
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Imperial Power and Maritime Trade

This new paperback is a Revised Edition with new preface. Using sources composed by late medieval Meccan scholars alongside the more well-known Mamluk material, this study presents the history of late medieval Mecca and the Sharifs who ruled the city by examining their relations with local and global forces: their alliances with local groups in the Hijaz, their relations with the imperial centre of Mamluk Cairo, and their reliance on the maritime trade of the Indian Ocean.

Paperback    £33.00
9780991573202 | Published: 2016
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Ismaili and Fatimid Studies in Honor of Paul E. Walker

A collection of essays on Ismaili and Fatimid studies in honour of Paul E. Walker, former Director of the American Research Center in Egypt.

Hardback    £49.00
9780970819963 | Published: 2010
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Italian Cityscapes

This book examines the transformation of the Italian city from the 1950s to the present with particular attention to questions of identity, migration and changes in urban culture. It shows how major demographic movements and cultural shifts threw into relief new conceptions of the city in which old boundaries had become problematic.



Paperback    £18.00
9780859897372 | Published: 2004
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Hardback    £65.00
9780859897365 | Published: 2004
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PDF    £14.00
9780859899222 | Published: 2015
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The Jews Of South West England

The definitive study of the once-important Jewish communities of Devon and Cornwall, providing an in-depth study of the demography and economic activity as well as the political, cultural, religious and social life of South-Western Jewry.

Hardback    £60.00
9780859893664 | Published: 1993
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John Betjeman and Cornwall

Quintessentially English, Betjeman was an 'outsider' in England - and doubly so in Cornwall where he was a ‘foreigner’. And yet, as this book describes, Betjeman also strove to acquire a veneer of ‘Cornishness', cultivating an alternative Celtic identity, and finding inspiration in Cornwall's Anglo-Catholic tradition.

Paperback    £16.99
9780859898485 | Published: 2010
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Hardback    £55.00
9780859898478 | Published: 2010
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PDF    £14.00
9780859899239 | Published: 2015
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