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In the Service of Mars Volume 2

A compilation of the most popular and detailed lectures and class notes from Western Martial Arts Workshop's first decade, and a record of the growth of the Western martial arts community over the same time. From longsword to sword and buckler fencing; deadly knife-fighting to mounted combat, the martial traditions of England, Germany, Italy and Spain are all amply represented and combined with detailed, practical instruction.

Paperback    £32.50
9781937439088 | Published: 2015
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Inscribed Material from the Pennsylvania-Yale Excavations at Abydos

An illustrated catalogue of inscriptions recorded during excavatione between 1967-69. The inscriptions comprise literary and religious ostraca, construction records, Middle Kingdom texts from the chapel area, inscribed potsherds, bricks, seals and other objects.

Hardback    £61.00
9780912532394 | Published: 1995
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The Inscription of Queen Katimala at Semna

This is the first complete translation and commentary on the important tableau and inscription of Queen Katimala at Semna. The inscription is not illegible, as has often been stated, but is a well-composed Lower Nubian example of a politico-religious manifesto applying many of the conventions of early Egyptian literary and historical compositions.

Paperback    £29.00
9780974002538 | Published: 2006
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Introduction to the Italian Longsword

Devon Boorman demonstrates the fundamentals of Medieval longsword combat. Solo and partnered exercises teach the foundation of this martial art. Suitable for beginners of all age levels and physical abilities.  DVD, running time 100 minutes.

DVD-ROM    £24.50
9781937439347 | Published: 2017
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Introduction to the Italian Rapier

Internationally renowned swordsman and instructor Devon Boorman demonstrates the fundamentals of Renaissance rapier combat.

DVD-ROM    £32.50
9781937439071 | Published: 2017
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The Iron Age Cultic Structures from the Excavations at Tell Taannek 1963-1968

This work, which is part of a series of excavation reports from the ancient site of Tell Taannek, examines an Iron Age cultic structure and its contents. Frick explores the question of how one might, on the basis of archaeological data, determine the likelihood that a structure had a cultic function.

Paperback    £27.50
9780897570503 | Published: 2000
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Ismaili and Fatimid Studies in Honor of Paul E. Walker

A collection of essays on Ismaili and Fatimid studies in honour of Paul E. Walker, former Director of the American Research Center in Egypt.

Hardback    £49.00
9780970819963 | Published: 2010
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Italian Cityscapes

This book examines the transformation of the Italian city from the 1950s to the present with particular attention to questions of identity, migration and changes in urban culture. It shows how major demographic movements and cultural shifts threw into relief new conceptions of the city in which old boundaries had become problematic.

Paperback    £18.00
9780859897372 | Published: 2004
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Hardback    £65.00
9780859897365 | Published: 2004
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PDF    £14.00
9780859899222 | Published: 2015
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The Jews Of South West England

The definitive study of the once-important Jewish communities of Devon and Cornwall, providing an in-depth study of the demography and economic activity as well as the political, cultural, religious and social life of South-Western Jewry.

Hardback    £60.00
9780859893664 | Published: 1993
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John Betjeman and Cornwall

Quintessentially English, Betjeman was an 'outsider' in England - and doubly so in Cornwall where he was a ‘foreigner’. And yet, as this book describes, Betjeman also strove to acquire a veneer of ‘Cornishness', cultivating an alternative Celtic identity, and finding inspiration in Cornwall's Anglo-Catholic tradition.

Paperback    £16.99
9780859898485 | Published: 2010
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Hardback    £55.00
9780859898478 | Published: 2010
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PDF    £14.00
9780859899239 | Published: 2015
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