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Final reports of significant field research.

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The Archaeology of Grotta Scaloria
First discovered and explored in 1931, excavated briefly in 1967, and then extensively from 1978 to 1980 by a joint UCLA-University of Genoa team, but the findings from the cave were not published until now. This comprehensive volume gathers together the data from the upper and lower chambers with research spanning three generations of archaeology.

Hardback    £68.00
9781938770074 | Published: 2016
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The Archaeology of Solvieux
Few sites have the same complexity and diversity of deposits, as was found at the site of Solvieux in southwest France. The history of the project, methodologies, results and analysis of finds arepresented, with drawings, outlines of typologies and essays on Upper Palaeolithic traditions and the contribution of the Solvieux results in this regard.

Hardback    £58.00
9780917956911 | Published: 1999
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A Bronze Age Landscape in the Russian Steppes
The first English-language monograph that describes seasonal and permanent Late Bronze Age settlements in the Russian steppes, this is the final report of the Samara Valley Project, a US-Russian archaeological investigation conducted between 1995 and 2002.

Hardback    £68.00
9781938770050 | Published: 2016
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Chinese Archaeological Abstracts, 2
An account of the remarkable decade of Chinese archaeology from 1972 to 1981, as abstracted from Chinese journals. Volume 2, Prehistoric to Western Zhou, contains abstracts of over 110 articles describing excavations at sites ranging from Paleolithic through Western Zhou.

Hardback    £8.00
9780917956553 | Published: 1985
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The Desert Fayum Reinvestigated

Suggests an alternative approach to understanding the development of food production in Egypt based on the results of new fieldwork in the Fayum. The results obtained from the Fayum are used to assess other contemporary sites in Egypt.

Hardback    £75.00
9781938770098 | Published: 2017
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Early Athens

One of the most important works on ancient Athens in the last fifty years. Focusing on the early city, from the end of the Bronze Age to the Archaic period. A detailed diachronic overview of the city from the Submycenaean period through the Archaic, including detailed maps of ancient settlements and cemeteries.

Hardback    £107.00
9781938770159 | Published: 2018
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The Early Iron Age Cemetery at Torone
Winner of the Jo Anne Stolaroff Cotsen Prize, this volume publishes the excavation and analysis of the Early Iron Age cemetery at Torone in Chalkidike, in the north Aegean, Greece spanning the period between the twelfth or eleventh century to c. 850 BC.

Hardback    £38.00
9781931745161 | Published: 2005
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The Excavation of the Prehistoric Burial Tumulus at Lofkend, Albania
The burial tumulus of Lofkend lies in one of the richest archaeological areas of Albania - home to a number of burial tumuli from later prehistory. The recovery of surviving plant remains, bones, and other organic material contribute insights into the environmental and ecological history of the region.

Hardback    £130.00
9781938770005 | Published: 2015
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Formative Lifeways in Central Tlaxcala, Volume 1
First of three reports on excavations at Formative-period sites in the state of Tlaxcala, Mexico. Excavations at three village sites (Amomoloc, Tetel, and Las Mesitas) and one modest regional center (La Laguna) are reported. An innovative approach to the classification of figurines is presented, and a Formative chronology for the region.

Hardback    £58.00
9781931745697 | Published: 2014
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The History and Archaeology of Jaffa 1

Recipient of the G. Ernest Wright Award for Best Archaeological Publication, 2011. The Jaffa Cultural Heritage Project (JCHP) is a joint research endeavour of the Israel Antiquities Authority and the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology. The first major book to address the archaeology of Jaffa in more than 60 years since excavations were initiated.

Hardback    £53.00
9781931745819 | Published: 2011
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