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Roger Little

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Between Totem And Taboo

Between Totem and Taboo picks its way through a minefield of prejudice, myth and stereotypes.  It is the first book to explore the literary representation by authors black and white, male and female, of interracial relations between France and her former territories in West Africa through the special nexus of the white woman and the black man.

Hardback    £45.00
9780859896498 | Published: 2001
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Contes Américains

These three tales, unpublished for over a century (and in one case for nearly two centuries), are a fictional exploration of Otherness and the intercultural set in the New World, either among native Americans (Abenakis, Iroquois) or runaway slaves in Jamaica befriended by Quakers.

Paperback    £16.99
9780859895446 | Published: 1997
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Empsaël Et Zoraïde

This new edition of Bernardin de Saint-Pierre’s play Empsaël et Zoraïde, presented in a modernised spelling, makes available a text which illustrates his abolitionist stance through its central irony: the masters are black and their slaves white, joining forces in the antislavery debate which reached its height with the French Revolution.

Paperback    £16.99
9780859894647 | Published: 1995
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Histoire De Louis Anniaba

Based on fact, Historie de Louis Anniaba was first published in 1740 but has never before been reprinted. The story allows a degree of narrative and geographical fantasy, but the legal context of the period, in this volume brought into play for the first time, throws into relief the author’s free-thinking stance.

Paperback    £16.99
9780859896702 | Published: 2000
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Ourika is the story of an African girl growing up in France: based on a true story, it was a runaway bestseller following its first publication in Paris in 1823. This is a corrected and updated reprint of the 1998 second edition of this text.

Paperback    £17.50
9780859895736 | Published: 1998
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PDF    £14.00
9780859899376 | Published: 2015
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