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Archaeological Institute of America 118th Annual Meeting Abstracts, Volume 40

Edited by AIA

Archaeological Institute of America 118th Annual Meeting Abstracts, Volume 40
Paperback, 326 pages £16.00
Published: 2017
ISBN: 9788891312402
Format: 229mm x 152mm
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Subjects: Archaeological Institute of America, Archaeology

Abstracts of the 118th annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, held January 5-8, 2017 in Toronto, Ontario.

Session 1

1A: Transformative Movement

1B: Fresh in the Field: New Research and Resources in the Study of Ancient Surface Decoration

1C: The Technological Revolution and Archaeology: New Ways of Understanding the Past

1D: Cyprus

1E: New Studies on Vase Painting in the Royal Ontario Museum’s Greek Collection

1F: The Eastern Roman Empire: Recent Fieldwork

1G: Maritime Archaeology

1H: “Satis sit una aliqua gemma”: Collecting Classical Gems from Antiquity Through the 19th Century

1I: Interwoven Lives: The Eastern Mediterranean in the 13th to 17th Centuries

1J: Discerning Food, Health, and Mobility in the Past

Session 2

2A: Insulae Coniunctae: Mediterranean Archaeologies of Insularity in the Age of Globalization

2B: Numismatic Evidence for the Republican Period

2C: Small Finds; Writ Large

2D: Digital Approaches to the Study of the Ancient World

2E: Ancient Sicily

2F: Neo-Assyrian and Achaemenid Imperial Art and Archaeology

2G: Iberia

2H: Greek and Roman Sculpture

2I: Fieldwork in Greece

2J: Classics, Classical Archaeology, and Cultural Heritage: Toward a Common Understanding of Professional Responsibilities for the Study of “Exceptional Objects”

Session 3

3A: Tombs and More in Etruria

3B: Shaping Cities: New Ways of Examining North African Urbanism

3C: Ostia: Houses, Infrastructure, and Cult

3D: Objects in Focus: Recent Research into the Royal Ontario Museum’s Collections

3E: God the Anthropologist: Text, Material, and Theory in the Study of Ancient Religion

3F: Diverging Trajectories: Urbanism and the Roman Conquest of Italy

3G: Gold Medal Session: Context is Everything

3H: Adaptation and Advancement: Investigating Volcanic Landscapes of the Central Mediterranean

3I: Elites and Civic Life in the Provinces

3J: New Developments in Mycenaean Archaeology

3K: Balancing Archaeological Fieldwork and Family Life

Session 4

4A: Ceramics

4B: Trade, Movement, and Connectivity in the Roman World

4C: The Imperial Age of Greece

4D: Current Work in the Roman Archaeology of Southeast Europe

4E: Sovereignty and Money

4F: Selinunte: Ten Years of Investigations by the Mission of the Institute of Fine Arts–NYU

4G: Landscape and Society: Diachronic Perspectives on Settlement Patterns in River Valleys in Cyprus

4H: Faces of Power: Roman Imperial Portraits

4I: Imaging from the Air to the Artifact

4J: Graeco-Roman Graffiti, Seals, and Craft

Session 5

5A: Women in Greece and the Near East

5B: Archaeological Survey

5C: Undergraduate Paper Session

5D: Sculpture and Greek Sanctuaries

5E: Current Events and Heritage Protection: Efforts to Protect Culture at Risk

5F: Ritual and Religion in the Greek World

5G: Vani Regional Survey

5H: Art and Architecture of Imperial Ideology

5I: Frontiers and Cultural Contact in the Roman World

5J: Coins and Archaeology

Session 6

6A: So You’ve Chosen Your Topic—What Now?: Best Practices in Data Collection, Management, and Analysis

6B: New Approaches to Roman Death

6C: Collecting and Presenting the Etruscans in North America

6D: Investigating Prehistoric Urbanization in East Crete: New Work at Palaikastro, 2012–2016

6E: Pottery from Sanctuaries: What Can it Tell Us?

6F: The Regia Reconsidered: A New Interpretation of the American Excavations Results

6G: Tell Tayinat (Ancient Kunulua): The Shifting Fortunes of a Bronze and Iron Age Levantine Capital

6H: A New Look at Old Stones: Reexaminations of Archaeological Projects

6I: New Research on Roman Sarcophagi: Eastern, Western, Christian

6J: New Developments in Minoan Archaeology

Session 7

7A: Beyond Reconstruction: New Approaches to Architectural Depictions in Roman Art

7B: Regional Approaches to Identity and Meaning in Greek Landscapes: Current Work of the Canadian Institute in Greece

7C: Architecture and Urbanism

7D: Funerary Sculpture in Palmyra: The Palmyra Portrait Project

7E: Field Reports from Italy

7F: Domestic Spaces and Their Decoration in the Roman World

7G: Bodies, Costumes, and Ideals in the Roman Empire

7H: Bronze Age and Iron Age Anatolia

7I: Researching Ownership Histories for Antiquities in Museum Collections

7J: Interaction and Production in the Aegean

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 Paperback , 326 pages
 229mm x 152mm

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