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The Art of Painting in Ancient Greece (Greek language edition)

By Dimitris Plantzos

The Art of Painting in Ancient Greece (Greek language edition)
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Paperback, 360 pages £55.00
Published: 2018
ISBN: 9786185209193
Format: 280mm x 220mm
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Subjects: Archaeology, Art & Art History, Kapon Editions

This innovative look at ancient Greek painting combines a standard comprehensive survey of the material record – wall-paintings, painted panels, or slabs – with an in-depth exploration of the ways in which the people of Ancient Greece appreciated this demanding art.

Plantzos looks at techniques, styles, themes, and masters, as well as their admirers, clients, and critics. At the same time, he discusses recent breakthroughs in archaeology, cultural studies, and art history. The book is unique in its reflections of new, mul¬tidisciplinary approaches to the material record which it combines with a more traditional, art-historical exploration; it draws on a wide range of ancient authorities – from Plato and Xenophon to Cicero, Pliny, Lucian, and Philostratus.

The book covers painting in Bronze-Age Greece (Cyclades, Crete, Santorini, Mycenaean Greece); painting of the Archaic, the Classical, and the Hellenistic periods, and ends with a study of Graeco-Roman painting in the 2nd-3rd c. AD.

Dimitris Plantzos is associate professor of classical archaeology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He has written extensively on Greek art, classical culture and its modern receptions, and archaeological theory.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 360 pages
 280mm x 220mm
300 colour illustrations

BIC Code:
  ART015060, ART020000, HIS002000, HIS054000, SOC003000
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