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Chronological Conundrums
Egypt and the Middle Bronze Age Southern Levant

Edited by Felix Höflmayer and Susan L. Cohen

Chronological Conundrums
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Paperback, 92 pages £41.00
Published: 2017
ISBN: 9781544173733
Format: 279mm x 216mm
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Subjects: Archaeology, Classical Studies and Ancient History, University of Arizona Egyptian Expedition

This new volume brings together papers given at the Middle Bronze Age in the Southern Levant Revisited: Chronology and Connections session of the Annual Meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research in San Antonio, Texas, in November 2016.

The goal of the session was to stimulate a renewed discussion on Middle Bronze Age chronology for the southern Levant and its connections with Egypt, as several recent radiocarbon sequences from several sites challenge current chronological assessments and, thus, correlations with the historical chronology of Egypt. Changing the chronology of the Middle Bronze Age would have significant impact on current views on history and development of Near Eastern societies during the first half of the second millennium BCE. The articles assembled here give a first impression of this debate about historical trajectories, absolute chronology, and how discussion might develop in the future. 


Felix Höflmayer has a PhD from the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago.  He is a member of the Institute for Oriental Studies at the University of Vienna, and a member of the Editorial Board of the Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research.

Susan L. Cohen is Associate Professor, Religious Studies in the Department of History and Philosophy Montana State University.


Publication Details:

 Paperback , 92 pages
 279mm x 216mm

BIC Code:
  HIS002000, HIS026000, HIS039000, SOC003000
 University of Arizona Egyptian Expedition


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